Roberto Me Dejó

Jose Ignacio International Film Festival


JIIFF is an International Film Festival that takes place in Jose Ignacio and Pueblo Garzon, Uruguay. It is a forefront proposal that ofers the screening of films of prestige and international recognition.

Felipe Gómez Aparicio

Perfect David

David is a teenager obsessed with his body, he is spurred on by his mother who demands absolute physical perfection for her son. In David’s world everything grows: his muscles, his sexual experiences, his dark relationship with his mother.

Marco Berger


Marco Berger's fourth film, travels between two dimensions. Two different love stories lived by the same characters in parallel.

Camila Toker

The Death of Marga Maier

Camila Toker's third film immerses us in a western - police set in Punta Indio. A mystery that reveals the legend of the Southern Cross diamond. Selected to participate in the competition of unpublished scripts in La Habana Film Festival.

Marco Berger

Plan B

After being left by his girlfriend Laura for another man, Bruno tries to come in the way of the new lovers. But his plan takes an unexpected turn, causing Bruno to question his own sexuality.

Coca Cola

Best Buddy

Coca Cola

My Summer




ClimaCool Ride